History PowerPoint

Create a PowerPoint about a famous person from the history of Computer Science.

Base 2

Practice using the number system the computer uses

Multiple Choice

Create a program that asks a multiple-choice question.

Camp Transportation

Create a program that calculates the number of buses needed.

Pythagorean Theory

Create a program that uses the Pythagorean Theory to find the 3rd side of a right triangle.

Quadractic Formula

Create a program that uses the Quadratic Formula to solve a polynomial.


This program is used to count the cars in a train and the train's weight.


This program will determine if you are eligible to become president

If Statements

Take a practice quiz about If Statements.

Spring Break

Create a program that calculates the cost of a trip.


Make a word repeat.


Create a program that shows the value of a factorial.


Use Euclid's algorithm find the greatest common multiple.

Nested Loops

Use a nested loop to create a sequence.